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Catalytic converters recycling.

Catalytic converters contains precious metals such as Platinum and Palladium, we buy outdated / non working / end of life catalytic converters in any qty.

We offer free pickup for reasonable qty's in the Miami - Dade county, Broward county and Palm beach county, please call for prices, you can also email to

Please note that as of right now, we are not buying any catalytic converters for recycling.

 Mixed Catalytic Convertor Scrap
 Scrap Convertors (Small GM)
 Scrap Convertors (Large GM)
 Scrap Convertors (Standard American)
 Large Domestic - Honeycomb
 Scrap Convertors (Large Chrysler)
 Scrap Convertors (Small European/Asian)
 Scrap Convertors (Large European/Asian)
 Scrap Convertors (Exotic 2 Biscuit)
 Scrap Convertors (Medium)
 Scrap Convertors (Double Plug)
 Scrap Convertors (Jumbo)
 Scrap Convertors (Diesel Convertor)
 Scrap Convertors (American Pre-Convertor)
 Scrap Convertors (European Pre-Convertor)
 Scrap Convertors (After Market)
 Scrap Convertors (Foils/Wraps)
 Other Catalytic Convertor Scrap

We also buy x-ray film for recycling and silver recovery.




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