Items we are recycling.

We buy nationwide, we are located in Hallandale, FL, in between Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

*Please note that there is a charge for certain items that we recycle.

Computers scrap:

  • Motherboards recycling.
  • Memory Sim modules recycling.
  • Gold CPU's, Processors recycling.
  • Video Boards recycling.
  • Floppy Drives recycling.
  • Power supplies recycling.
  • CD Rom Drives recycling.
  • Scrap Towers recycling.
  • LCD's recycling.
  • Scrap keyboards recycling.
  • Scrap printers recycling.
  • CRT monitors recycling.
  • Copiers recycling.
  • Printers recycling.
  • Fax machines recycling.

Telecommunication scrap:

  • DSL, ISDN and Dial-up Modems recycling.
  • Routers and switches recycling.
  • PBX systems recycling.
  • PBX phones recycling.
  • Large communication racks recycling.

Gold plated scrap:

  • Gold plated CPU processors recycling.
  • Gold plated pins recycling.
  • Aerospace components recycling.

Cell phones recycling:

  • Cell phone scrap recycling.
  • Cell phone boards recycling.
  • Cell phone chargers recycling.
  • Cell phone batteries recycling.

Auto parts recycling:




Scrap Memory sims recyclingScrap Motherboards recyclingGold containing CPU RecyclingScrap Video Cards RecyclingScrap Hard Drives Recycling and ShreddingScrap Floppy Drives recyclingScrap Power Supplies Recycling

All kinds of modems recycling, such as DSL, ISDN, Dial-up etc.Routers recycling, such as wireless or non

All kinds of PBX systems recyclingPBX phones - all kinds

Large PBX systems recycling, such as Nortel, Avaya, Lucent and more..

Gold plated pins - gold recoveryScrap Cell phones recycling




Catalytic Converters recycling