Computers recycling services.

Welcome to B.W. Recycling, Inc., located in Fort Lauderdale, Broward county, FL, we are located in between Pompano Beach and Miami, We recycle a wide array of end-of-life electronics, including outdated computers, all kinds of computer hardware, end of life IT Equipment, cell phones and all other discarded electronics, we buy nationwide, we also collect x-ray film for silver recovery.

We at B.W. Recycling, Inc. will gladly assist your business with all of its electronics recycling needs. We provide free recycling services for certain items and even offer free pick-up for large quantities, we pickup nationwide, we also provide a certificate of destruction that may be used by companies for tax deduction purposes.

Computers and cell phones take back drop off center.

As a South Florida's cell phones & computers recycling company, we serve the community and we open our recycling center to the public of Broward county, Miami - Dade County, and Palm beach, we take any old computers and computer related parts or cell phones you bring to our door at no charge from businesses and individuals. a fee is applied for recycling older CRT monitors, printers and fax machines.

As of today we charge a disposal fee for Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors disposal due to the low prices of aluminum, this also refers to scrap printers and copiers which contains mostly plastic and copper

We also provide x ray films recycling services - we collect outdated and old medical x-ray film, outdated x ray films, expired x ray films, scrap litho films and industrial films, we pick up nationwide, if you have any x-ray films you would like to sell for silver recovery please call 877-217-7020

Batteries recycling - we buy cell phone batteries all L-ion batteries and laptop computer batteries we do not buy car batteries and all Acid batteries.

Hard drives shredding service - B.W. Recycling recently started our hard drives shredding & recycling pick-up services. Read more

We also buy scrap catalytic converters in large qty, we pick up if the qty is large enough, click here to find more information about catalytic converters recycling.


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All kinds of modems recycling, such as DSL, ISDN, Dial-up etc.Routers recycling, such as wireless or non

All kinds of PBX systems recyclingPBX phones - all kinds

Large PBX systems recycling, such as Nortel, Avaya, Lucent and more..

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